The Process.........        

Although we would prefer to meet you personally, we can communicate with you by telephone, email, or by Skype to discuss your specific concerns. 

Once we have reviewed the nature and severity of your particular condition and concluded that it would be in your best interest to pursue claiming a disability tax credit, we will supply you with the T2201 Disability Tax Certificate along with all other forms necessary to start the process.

You will need to sign & date the Disability Tax Certificate form. (It will be clearly marked where it sign).

You will also need to sign & date CRA form T1013 which authorizes the Canada Revenue Agency to discuss your private matters with us.

You will then take or send this form to your doctor.

The rest of the process is primarily up to your doctor or other health care provider. Once signed, the doctor may send the DTC form directly to our office. Some doctors prefer to return the form to their patient who will, in turn, forward it to our office in our return envelope.

We will work with your doctor to ensure proper completion of the T2201 Disability Tax Certificate and to clarify any questions with you and/or your doctor. We will obtain your approval to communicate directly with your doctor and the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

We will negotiate directly with the government on your behalf, thereby allowing us to act as a buffer between you and CRA. We will keep you informed as to our progress in establishing your claim.

Once your claim is established, we will review all taxation options available to you & advise you which approach should maximize your tax refund. We will advise CRA to amend all your prior year's income tax returns to a maximum of ten years.We will also make you aware of other government programs, grants or services that may be available to you as a qualified individual.

Full disclosure of all personal and financial information required to properly prepare your disability tax certificate. You will advise us as soon as your tax refund is received or credited to your CRA account. You will be asked to arrange for payment of our fee of 10% of this refund, plus GST.

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